Brain Exercises: 7 Brain Exercises for Success

Brain Exercises? Most of us  do Physical exercises to build muscles and we know the benefits like we can lift more weights whether its in gym or outside of the gym.

This is the basic advantage that we feel because it gives us more strength to complete heavy tasks. And it is also imply for the brain too.

If you want to solve complex problems then you have to train your brain. You may have observed that something that seemed very difficult to understand in the past and now it is very easy for  you to understand.

That is how our brain evolve over time. But there are ways to accelerate this process.

You need to make sure that you are doing some mental training for your brain. It is a process that is worth following. You need to add these exercises in your daily routine to see success.

Don’t look for instant reward. It is a continuous process and like in the gym, you do not need to lift heavy weight on the first day.

Follow the same process if you are doing Brain exercises. Following are some brain exercises that you can add into your life.

Do not worry if you feel like  you can not do every brain exercise that has been written here, it would be helpful if you choose any of them and do it daily.

Brain Exercises: #1-Memorize the lyrics of your favorite songs

Remembering something is a talent and  you can increase yours by memorizing lyrics of your favorite songs. Nothing can not  be easier than this.

We all love listening to music and it can be a good exercise if you memorize the lyrics.

#2- Do Mathematical Calculations in Your Head

Focus and attention is quite important for us to do something very important to us if our focus is not good enough then a small task takes too much time.

And because we are surrounded by so many distractions we think it is normal that we keep on doing whatever we do in this distraction but this is not the way.

We need to increase our ability to focus on one task so that we could complete more in our daily life. When we complete so much in small time it increases our confidence. 

Doing math in your head is a good brain exercise to enhance your capability to focus more, when  we try to solve some kind of math problem in our head then we have to stay focused on that if we distract for a second or we think of something else while doing some calculations in our head we can be lost easily. So, it is a good practice to do.

#3- Meditation

Meditation is also a good Brain Exercise to do daily. Most people do not understand how meditation works and if you are one of them, then the next line would be very helpful for you. 

If you read the biography of top richest people in the world then you will find meditation is common in most of them. 

Meditation widen up your vision and makes your intuitions more strong. It provides you mental energy to do more. It has so many benefits like it helps in reducing stress and calm the brain.

If add meditation into your routine you will see significant changes in your life.

#4- Reading

Reading is a very important brain exercise as a result of, when we read something we get to know new words that are not available in  our mental vocabulary.

Moreover, when we read, our brains have to work more and have to create a mental picture of whatever we are reading.

And if you observe someone who doesn’t like to read, you would notice that most of them use very less vocabulary and find difficult to express themselves.

When we consume visual content like movies and all. Our brain doesn’t work that much because everything is being processed by the movie creator or whatever you are watching.

But while reading something you are creating mental images of the scene if you’re reading a story.

I think I have made my point about why reading is more important than watching visual content.

I am not saying you should stop watching visual content. The point is to add reading in your schedule.

There are enough studies available about the benefits of reading. Readers are the Leaders.

#5- Learn a New Skill

It is quite simple to understand when we learn something new, our brain creates new neurons and more the neurons in your brain, the better it is for you.

Learning a skill seems very difficult in the beginning If you want to read more about how learning is a good brain exercise then please check out this link.

#6- Playing Video games.

This exercise is going to be the best one for so many people because most of us do it on a daily basis. I am talking about playing Video Games.

There are some research on the effect of video games on the brain.Playing some kind of action games which needs more attention and fast response has good effects.

It Increases Grey Matter in the Brain which increases Spatial memory. Moreover, video games also improves memory function and motor skills.

#7- Learn a New language

There are so many benefits of being able to speak more than one language. It increases the ability to switch to other tasks easily. It challenges our ability to recognize and remember things.

You can learn any language at any age. It has been seen that bilinguals are better in decision making as compared to monolinguals. Click here to read the research.

There are other brain exercises that you can find online.

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