How to Learn Fast? Top 6 Technique for Learning Faster

In the past, Learning to hunt and making better tools was important for survival. And if we talk about today’s time, learning a new language, an instrument, and coding, etc are quite important for survival or we can say to get a better life. 

Learning has been an integral part of our life. So, I think, it is important to learn how to learn.


#1.Deconstruct the skill and Apply the Pareto Principle(80/20 Rule)

It is the concept developed by Vilfredo Pareto, also known as 80/20 rule, in which he stated that 80 percent of your desired output will come from your 20 percent input.

So, it is important to deconstruct the skill or whatever you are trying to learn and focus on the things that will give you more results. 

#2. Use the Pomodoro Technique to Learn Fast

80/20 rule

Pomodoro technique consists of shutting down all the external distractions and set your entire focus on the task for a short period, usually 20 to 25 minutes. And then taking a short break for 5 minutes.

You can apply this for 4 hours and then take a longer break. This way you can learn fast anything you want. Pomodoro Technique gives amazing results. 

#3. Start Using what You Learn.

how to learn fst

Research showed that we retain more by using what we learn. For instance, try to remember how you learned to ride a bicycle.

Instead of just watching the tutorial and reading the textbook you should start using the skill that you are learning and gain experience by making errors.

#4. Be Persistent

Most people give up before or during, what Seth Godin says, the dip.

Many potential winners do not reach success because they quit before or during the dip. According to Seth Godin, most of us quit because of the following. 

  1. You run out of time 
  2. You get scared
  3. You run out of money 
  4. You are not serious about it
  5. You lose interest. 

When we start to learn something, we focus on the reward that we may get after learning it. In this phase, we experience new things that keep us going.

But after some time, we experience the dip where our progress starts to diminish, where most of us quit.  

The reason why this is essential if you can predict the dip is coming. It is easy to fight through it.

#5. Get Enough Sleep

how to learn faster

Sleep plays a big role in the ability to learn new information. When we sleep our brain consolidates the memory. When we are learning something new our brain creates new memories. 

It is the maintenance time for the brain. Research shows that the brain can change its structure. All these changes take place when we are asleep.

It is called brain plasticity. Without enough sleep, it is hard to learn new things because the brain does not get time to consolidate the new information and you lose some of the progress that you made in learning.  

#6. Play Wit Games

learn faster

These games can include exciting exercises like similar grouping photos, numerical activities with everyday items like food and shopping lists. These games are known to provide continuous brain stimulation, making them respond better and faster.

Just as your muscles benefit from exercise, these annoying mind games will give your brain some of the most necessary activities, which will help you improve your memory and encourage you to learn faster.

You can play some games on a website called Lumosity. This will help you to exercise your brain and you can join this website for free. 

With Lumosity, you will challenge your brain and get better at your score along the way. Most importantly, it is fun brain training and has mental fitness activities supported by science.

Apps are also available for iOS and Android, so you can train on the go.

For More you can watch this video

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  1. Sleep plays a big role in the ability to learn new information. When we sleep our brain consolidates the memory. When we are learning something new our brain creates new memories.

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