What is Meditation? Which Meditation Technique is Best for You?

If you are new to this and looking for what is meditation then keep on reading this. I tried to cover most of the questions that a beginner might have.

There are many different forms and styles of meditation with all of them relating to the same point, awareness of oneself.

The art of meditating seems easy at first to the beginner, after all, it is simply a matter of sitting or lying quietly and focusing on one thing to the point of inducing a deeply relaxed state.

However, there is more to it than that and focusing, and remaining focused on one thing is harder than it sounds.

Choosing the point of focus is relatively easy in itself, you may choose to focus on your breathing, a sound, a piece of music, visualization, a mantra or an object such as a candle flame.

Keeping your thoughts from wandering is the tricky part, starting for the first few minutes will be no problem but then before you know it your mind will lose interest, and unwanted thoughts start entering your mind again.

The Basics of meditation. 

Start by making sure the clothing you are wearing is comfortable and not too tight, while you are performing your meditation you can remain sat upright in a chair, lie down on the floor or bed or sit in the classical Buddhist pose, cross-legged.

How you choose to do it is of no real importance other than you should feel comfortable and relaxed, however, if you choose to lie down particularly on the bed you might just fall asleep.

The whole aim of meditating is to free your mind from the day to day problems and worries and allow your body to relax to the point of sleep without actually falling asleep.

People who have practiced meditation for years strive to reach such a state of total relaxation which is termed enlightenment; this is the state of the body and mind being at total peace and harmony with itself the body has reached a state of relaxation when breathing slows and is asleep even though your mind is fully awake and alert.

Mantra Meditation

This is a very simple but popular form of meditation that can be practiced anywhere; it involves the use of a single sound or word being repeated over and over again to help rid the mind of everyday thoughts and worries.

The words most often used in this form of meditation are “OM” and “AH”. The words can either be said out loud or only be repeated inwardly depending on the circumstances.

Insight or Breathing Meditation or Mindfulness Meditation

Insight meditation relies on the person concentrating on their breathing to rid themselves of thoughts and feelings, by sitting quietly and focusing your attention on the way your breath moves throughout the body to help the person to become one with themselves.

Visualization meditation

Visualization is another popular form of meditation for the beginner with popular variations being visualizing your self on a quiet, white sandy beach with the surf gently lapping against the shore to how you see yourself in the future attaining all the goals you set out for yourself. Visualizations are only limited by the imagination; this form of meditation is particularly popular as your thoughts tend to stick more easily with the task at hand than they do in other forms of meditation.

While there are many different forms of meditation there are only two different types, active and passive meditation:

Active meditation – This type of meditation relates to our everyday life and everything we do in it such as walking, eating, running, working and relaxing. The aim of it is to be in a relaxed state while we go about our day to day living; it is not a type that is recommended for the beginner.

Passive meditation – This is the common form where the person will take time out from their daily routine to practice meditation; it involves the person being seated in one of the common postures and focus on one of the meditation techniques like Mindfulness, Body scan meditation, Transcendental Meditation, etc. 

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental medicine is a form of meditation that is very easy to learn and one which can bring great relief when dealing with stress and anxiety. It allows stress and tension to be eased away naturally, resulting in a feeling of greater energy, clarity while bringing the person a greater enjoyment of life.

Benefits of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation is effortless and Self-Fulfilling. It reduces the level of cortisol and increases the level of melatonin which helps you in sleeping.

It can lower your blood pressure, and it gives you healthier sleep and most importantly, it relaxes our nervous system. So, Transcendental Meditation is often used to rehabilitate those who suffered emotional traumas. It also improves and increases productivity.

The effects of TM have been studied in companies both large and small. So, the results show consistent meditation boosts confidence and therefore increases effectiveness.

Moreover, it increases your leadership abilities, your cognitive performance, and intellectual capabilities

It also encourages heart health now as mentioned before TM lowers your blood pressure but did you know that it is so effective that it has been proved by the American Heart Association as the practice in the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

Furthermore, a recent study revealed that those who meditate are 48% less likely to suffer from a heart attack or a stroke than those who don’t.

It also combats addictions and cravings, now smokers are more likely to kick the habit once they start practicing Transcendental Meditation so, according to one study more than 50% of smokers quit two years into the meditation routines so Transcendental Meditation also helps fight alcoholism.

Scientific studies show that those who practice Transcendental Meditation are eight times more likely to cut down on their alcohol consumption, it was proven to be the most effective recuperation technique when compared to relaxation programs interventions and other prevention programs. 

It also promotes healthy relationships so, when observed in professional and intimate relationships Transcendental Meditation practitioners were happier and more satisfied after they started practicing the technique. 

The benefit of Transcendental Meditation is, it makes us more patient and understanding. Researchers found that Transcendental Meditation improves our reasoning. It improves our information processing and our cognitive and social functioning.

 It improves comprehension and improves analytical abilities so, all of these are brain functions that are now heightened and improved just by practicing meditation. Now TM also makes you happier.

Also, Transcendental Meditation decreases anxiety and depression so, as I’ve just said it increases our production of melatonin, and through its function of resting and relaxing, we are better able to produce our happy hormone-like dopamine even more so because we are less stressed we become even happier.

Transcendental Meditation has the testimonies of many people that not only has not improved their health but their happiness and their vitality and the quality of their life as well.

So, what you can do is try for yourself. The best way to practice Transcendental Meditation is to work with the instructor or a practitioner or a mentor as they were able to guide you through all your meditations.

They’re qualified to assign a mantra to you. You can search online “TM” or “transcendental meditation practitioners” you will find that they are all over the world, and if you connect with one of them. They can show you the way, and once you start you will notice the changes in one month, as they have a lot of experience. 

If you’re testing the waters there’s no harm in trying it out for yourself so, you can use the mantra of your choice or ask someone that you trust to choose one for you then keep it a secret.

Transcendental Meditation is a very personal practice, and you mustn’t advertise your mantra to everybody so once you’ve settled on your mantra you can give the following technique a try.

What you can do is, get into a comfortable position you can either be sitting on the floor or sitting in a chair but make sure that your feet are flat on the ground. Your hands are facing up on your lap.

When you’re ready you can close your eyes and think of your mantra. It happens naturally for you.

Let the mantra go, allow your thoughts to roam and change. Just observe your thoughts and get back to your mantra but don’t force any thoughts. Acknowledge your thoughts alongside your mantra now do not focus on any single thought.

It’s not an exercise in concentration but rather an awareness and automation so when you’re ready to stop let your mantra go. Just don’t think about it.

Keep your eyes closed for at least two minutes before you end the session. If you’re not after the physical benefits of Transcendental Meditation. It’s certainly worth the spiritual improvements.

Ask anyone who practices them. It is worth it. I’d love to know have you ever practiced Transcendental Meditation and what has the results been like for you.

Please watch this video to know more about TM


People practicing this form of meditation have found they have benefited in the following areas:

  • Increased Relaxation
  • Decrease in the use of cigarettes for those who smoke
  • Increase in self-actualization
  • A decrease in the use of Drugs
  • A reduction in Blood pressure
  • An improvement in Psychological factors

Please share a comment in the box below and let me know how Transcendental Meditation has played a part in your life. And It should be port of your personal development program

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