What is Reticular Activating System| Understanding the Law of Attraction

Hello Everyone, In this article, you will learn the best technique to achieve your goals with the scientific method. The system called the Reticular activating system.
The Reticular activating system (RAS) works in conjunction with the law of attraction, and the law of attraction would probably not work without it.

Most people are not aware of the Reticular activating system, and if they are, they do not know how it works and why it works.

I will try to make it easy for you to understand so that you can start using it more effectively with the law of attraction.

Let’s get started. 

what is reticular activating system

What is the Reticular activating system?

It is a bundle of nerves at the base of the skull. It has several functions but I am only going to talk about one function today that can filter out information like images, words, and conversations, etc.

It is the filter between what you are hearing and your subconscious mind.
Everyone has experienced it in their life, but after understating it completely. It can be used more effectively to achieve goals. 

Let us understand it by an example.

Let us say I go shopping for a car, and I choose any model after doing some research, and now I am thinking of buying it the next month. Since I let my brain (subconscious mind) know that this is important to me.

Now, In the traffic, I am noticing the same Car people driving. I am thinking, how they appeared in such numbers. There are so many people already driving this Car.

In fact, they were all out there all the time, but now that I have done my research, my reticular is set for that particular Car.

It filtered out, I put into my subconscious mind that I am interested in that Car, unrelated information, and my reticular is activated to notice the Car I am interested in buying. This is how the reticular activating system works.

let’s say you are in a crowded room may be at a convention or a party, and there are people all around you. They are conversations all around you, you know the noise of a crowd when everyone is talking at the same time, you are in a conversation yourself talking with someone, and you’re not paying any attention to any of the conversations around you.

As you are engaged in your conversation. You’re focusing on your conversation. Now, earlier in the day, let’s say you were thinking of a certain song, and maybe even singing it around the house, then from behind you hear somebody mention something about that particular song and some of the words that they were trying to remember.

You turn around, and you tell them the words that they’re trying to think of, and then you just turn back around continue your conversation. So, how is it that even though you are not paying any attention to anyone around you that you heard that, that is because your gatekeeper or your filter, which is your reticular, allowed that to come through you.

You set your reticular to that song and that particular singer. So, maybe earlier in the day, you loaded into your subconscious mind that particular song. It could be one song from a certain artist and you happen to like that artist and every time you hear that song in the distance or on the radio. You just automatically stop and allow that to come through to your conscious mind.

You could be scanning the radio channels for a song, and you just happen to hear that song or that artist so, you stop what you’re doing and just listen to that because your reticular is activated now and scanning for that type of song.

Train your reticular actvating system

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So, even though you maybe were in a lot of conversations going on around you in a lot of different subjects.

You did not hear any of those. Your filter was in place, and not allowing those in because you did not set your reticular to any of those topics that those people were talking about. But by setting your reticular earlier in the day on that particular song.

You set your reticular in motion to allow your filter to allow that particular song or anything that you set your reticular to go through and let your conscious mind hear it. I hope that makes sense.

What happens is, your subconscious mind is like a sponge, and it is picking up and entering data from all over.

It is in a constant state of receiving, and it is constantly filtering for what is programmed in there as to what your interests are.

It only receives something that you are interested in, then it sends it to the conscious mind where you can become aware of whatever it is sending, and this is where your decisions are made.

We have two minds, the conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. Most of you are aware of this, but what you may not know is that our conscious mind can handle 40 bits of data per second.

But our subconscious mind can handle over 40 million bits of data per second so, we’re constantly being bombarded with data from all over from what we’re hearing, what we’re seeing, and that’s why it is important to set your gatekeeper, the reticular, to the things that you desire and are interested in.

So, you’re probably asking yourself what does this have to do with focusing on your goals and desires daily. Well, what you are telling your subconscious mind is that this is of interest to you and setting your reticular to your goals can take you near to your goals and filter out the unwanted things from your life.

Reticular is like radar, scanning all the time. Once you set reticular to something like your goals. It helps you to see the opportunity, as the Car example, we talked about.
When you set your reticular either in the form of affirmations or a list, whatever you call it. And by using a visualization process to get the emotion involved with what you desire, and by focusing your thoughts on those by repeating them daily.

You will then begin to see the opportunities out there, that are currently there.
So, the universe will then start supplying you the resources in the form of people or anything else that you can use to achieve your desired results.

The opportunity for you to take action in the universe will then supply you with everything you need for you to achieve your goal. It’ll start putting people in your path that can help you get to your desired result. It’ll start putting articles in front of you that will help you get to your desired result or maybe a television program or whatever it is. It’ll just start supplying you resources.

Train your reticular actvating system

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