Why time management is important? Learn to achieve your Goals fast.

Don’t you feel overwhelmed when you have lots of things to do and very little time to do them in? Well here’s some important news that you should know.

You have enough time to do whatever you want; all you need to do is learn how to get rid of the unnecessary confusion all around you and laser focus on what needs to be done. That is why time management is important.

The reason you are feeling so overwhelmed is that you are lacking the time management skills necessary to organize your life and not because the day doesn’t have enough hours.

Managing your time is a big part of living a rewarding life because you are developing all aspects of it and not just one area. The side effects of learning these skills will result in:

lower stress levels

  1. feeling more accomplished
  2. boost in self-confidence and self-esteem
  3. longer-lasting relationships
  4. getting in touch with your inner self

becoming more successful as well as countless other areas of your life that will be affected by developing these time management skills.

It will not be easy developing these skills because you will have to take apart the instincts that you were born with. We were not born with discipline but we have by human nature be able to decide what is important and what is not.

By cohesively bonding instinct and new behaviors, you can develop your time management skills. This will not happen in a day or a week but it can be done by constantly acting differently when it comes to performing tasks.

Your time management will increase your health and fulfillment in your personal life, so you must take it seriously.

Although time management is always linked to your daily work activities, you can’t concentrate on working all the time. You need to plan daily activities to develop your mental and physical health. Time management is very important.

Time spent relaxing, enjoying life and keeping fit- is as important as putting food on the table so let’s take a look at the top five things you should have in your daily routine to become healthy and happy.

#1. Exercise

People usually look at exercising as purely physical but this is far from the truth. It helps you deal with life’s challenges mentally as well. You begin to feel less stressed out and a lot more focused.

You have the energy to take on your daily activities and you find it easier to cope with pressure. Exercising at least three times a week will help you take on a lot more without feeling exhausted.

#2. Socializing

Go out, have fun you do deserve it and if you are in a relationship- your partner expects it. This relaxes the mind and takes it off the stress from work and your personal problems. This creates healthier relationships as well.

It helps by just talking to other people to lift that weight off your shoulders; make time for it when you are developing your time management skills.

#3. Hobbies

Who said learning these personal time management skills couldn’t be fun? Doing something that you love always creates excitement and brings you joy. If you don’t have a hobby- find one. The thought of doing something that you love will always be something to look forward to.

#4. Learning

The power of learning is undeniable. This is something that you should never stop doing. It gives you that feeling of accomplishment and you’ll see the world differently to others.

Learning is also a stress reliever. Think about all the things in the world you know nothing about; make it part of your personal development to learn something new each day.

#5. Alone Time

This is critical as well. Spending time with others is great but you still need time to get to know yourself better. You begin to see the world through your own eyes not guided by the opinion of others. Learn to enjoy your own company to reflect on what has happened during each day. This will help you build self-esteem and self-confidence.

A major problem in creating good personal time management practices is to overcome procrastination. This is hard because you are actually trying to defeat human behavior. But before we go any further, we need to take a close look at what procrastination really is.

If someone asked you – what is procrastination? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it is not a thought but a feeling. There are still so many people search for “why time management is important”.

Looking at this carefully you will realize that embedded deep inside this habitual nature of putting things off, they are underlying emotional problems.

It would be safe to say that overcoming procrastination is to overcome the emotions associated with doing work. Depending on the undertaking, there could be many different reasons for not completing them.

5 Common Reason For Procrastination

#1. Low self-Confidence

Believing in yourself is one of the hardest things to do when you feel that you could never get the task done. Your belief system is probably corrupted by previous experiences.

Each time something bad happens in your life it leaves you further incapable of dealing with future failures. Low self-confidence is your emotional guard to protect you from taking that leap again.

If left alone low self-esteem will destroy you emotionally; this makes overcoming procrastination even harder.

The cure to this would be to work hard at creating your time management skills with some time management techniques found here but more on that later.

#2. Too Busy

You probably didn’t do the task because you traded it for something a bit more stimulating and not because you didn’t have the time. Being to busy for the important stuff is just a way of avoiding those tasks that you hate.

#3. Stubbornness

Because you are acting as a mule- you become very vulnerable. You avoided what you had to do because you wanted to be in control of what goes on around you. The slightest hint of someone telling you to do something will spark your defense system and you spring into action.

For you to prove that you are your boss, you leave the task for another time or you don’t do it at all. Coming to think of it this is pretty pathetic. Manipulating Yourself

“If I can’t do it, they can’t either,” said the man with very little common sense. At least the other guy was smart enough to take a chance and start working on his project. He is working on his time management while you are doing nothing. I guess the joke’s on you.

Wasting Time To Cope With Pressure

#4. Wasting Time To Cope With Pressure

Your boss wants you to do some research and when you are finished; you can start on the month-end reports. The catch is that you only have 2 weeks before the month-end.

Then that ingenious idea hits you; if you waste time on the research you wouldn’t have to take on that extra role of doing those monthly reports.

Most likely your boss will see you as not being able to multi-task and will give you less work to do in the future. My friend, you have just blown that promotion with a higher salary and benefits out the water.

You should have spent that energy developing your time management skills and overcoming procrastination instead of putting off the task.

#5. Being A Perfectionist

Are you serious? There is no way you can finish five 30 page reports in 2 days and still have time to take a bath.

Get real. You want each of them to be immaculately written and if it isn’t perfect then what? You start to criticize the very air you breathe.

This will not help you in accomplishing your tasks; actually, it has an adverse effect. Nothing or no one is perfect; at least not on this earth, and you should stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be perfect. Hey, if you want to be perfect at something why not practice your time management skills to perfection. There are other people who studied this issue and written so many wonderful books Time management. You can learn from their experience so that you do not have to waste your time.  

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